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What makes GTG Different

Mr. Jaime Carrion Garcia, founder and co-owner of Resin Seeds SL. ,
and breeder of the Cannatonic strain – famously known as one of the best medical CBD varieties in the world.
At GTG’s cultivation facility, Mr. Garcia shares his extensive experience of medical cannabis cultivation in different varieties of growing mediums, including his know-how and indoor & outdoor cultivation techniques.

GTG has acquired the intellectual property right of Cannatonic and
its relative strains from Mr. Jaime Carrion Garcia.
And since the beginning of 2019, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (CRRU) together with GTG has jointly received a permission to import and research on our mother plant selection process.
GTG is currently the only company in Thailand that has proven mother plants with CBD commercial yield

In year 2020, a collaboration between CRRU and GTG has acquired the licenses to import, produce, extract and process controlled narcotics. Our joint program is the first to receive import permission from Australia and under the process to obtain the license to export from FDA Thailand.

GTG found cultivation techniques which result in production of CBD grater than 15% and ready to be commercialised including a full-range of cultivation tools and equipment including fertilizers/nutrients,
grow mediums, grow lights, water and ventilation systems, and other essential cultivation products.

What makes GTG different


Chiang Rai has a temperate and largely consistent climate suitable for low cost indoor and outdoor cannabis production.
 Deep, well aerated soil with a pH level of 6 and above making conditions ideal for optimizing CBD yield and reducing cost.

Why chiangrai

Cannabis requires a pH range around the neutral value of 6.5 so that it can assimilate nutrients.
– At GTG farm we have found 2 under water spring at pH range around 6.5 which have total flow rate of more than 10,000 liters per hour.
CRRU ISO17025 confirm that our raw water is in range of “Drinkable Mineral Water”

The ideal relative humidity level for plants vary. Plants native to hot, tropical areas are well-adapted to these temperatures and will grow best at higher RH levels than plants from colder, more temperate climates. For the Cannabis, they like RH levels of 65–80%.
– Chiang Rai has RH levels range from 62-80%.

The transportation and logistic are important for growing business and product distribution.
– Chiang Rai has international airport that can access to domestic airport all over the country and also connect with 6 countries
and other more in the future.

Patient seeking for cannabis treatment with alternative atmosphere
– Chiang Rai has potential to become the alternative city that use cannabinoids to treat patients as well as providing them with the tools for reducing the risks associated with its consumption through consultations and follow-ups with specialized medical and psychological staff with local products.



The Food and Drug Administration has already granted four licenses GTG/CRRU “to be used for our business,
cultivation and research on suitablecannabis strains for extraction of cannabinoid for use in the production of medicines.”
And we are continually applying for our license to commercialise.

Our approved liceses 01

Import of Narcotics – Schedule 5
License to Import 120 Marijuana Seeds

Our approved liceses 02

Production of Narcotics – Schedule 5
License to Grow Marijuana in the Area of 324 Sqm. / 720 Plants / 4 Cycle Year

Our approved liceses 03

Production of Narcotics – Schedule 5
License to Produce 14 Liters of Cannabis
Extract per Year

Our approved liceses 04

Possession of Psychotropic
License to have psychotropic substances for
our researches


Cannabinoid Proflie & Potency Analysis
CRRU ISO17025 image A

Gas Chromatography (GC)

ACIDIC & NEUTRAL CANNABINOID ANALYSIS Cannabinoids are found in both a neutral and acidic form.
When testing for cannabinoid content users are commonly looking for the total available for a given cannabinoid.
This total cannabinoid content is calculated by combining the amount of neutral cannabinoid present with the amount of neutral cannabinoid that could be created by the decarboxylation of the acidic version present.
When testing by GC the heat of the injection port and column oven cause total decarboxylation of the acidic versions so only the neutral versions will be present.
This means that the values ​​for the neutral cannabinoids detected is the total available.

TERPENE ANALYSIS Flavor profiles in Cannabis were tested by using a readily available standard to show that the compounds can be clearly and easily detected when using Gas Chromatograph.

CRRU ISO17025 image B

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Thermo Ultimate 3000

Liquid Chromatography Potency Analysis Method

Chemists use High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) instruments with an ultra violet wavelength detector known as Diode Array Detector (DAD) or Photodiode Array Detector (PDA) to identify the potency of cannabinoids.

An HPLC is often the preferred instrument for testing cannabis edibles and liquids because samples are tested at room temperature and they do not undergo any heat-catalyzed reactions. HPLC’s can identify THC Acid (THCA) and CBD acid (CBDA) while gas chromatography cannot.

CRRU ISO17025 image 01

Freeze Dry

CRRU ISO17025 image 02


CRRU ISO17025 image 03

Moisture Analyzer

CRRU ISO17025 image 04



The GTG Co-Op Partnership farmer grow model allows GTG to scale the volume of raw material, without the capital cost of land acquisition; 
and to generate an income stream through a CO-OP farmer grow model.
GTG will work with local farmers to supply them with training and certification; seeds; and an off-take 

CO OP farmer grow model