Planing and Training

Manpower Planning and Training

Manpower planning organizational chart 01

Manpower Planning – Tasks Required and Man Hours

Cloning Area
Manpower planning tasks required and man hours 01

Tasks Required

Humidity Control

Bacteria and Fungi Utilization to Root

Clone Transplantation

Cloning Preparation

Man Hours:

Vegetation Area
Manpower planning tasks required and man hours 02

Tasks Required

Leaf Vegetation Risk

Buds Preparation

Feeding Program Preparation for Vegetation

Vegetative Environment Control

Vegetating Preparation

Man Hours:

Flower Area
Manpower planning tasks required and man hours 03

Tasks Required

Cultivation Technique Maximization

Feeding Program Preparation for Flowering

Flower Assessment

Risk Assessment during Flowering Stage

Flower Harvesting Preparation

Man Hours:

Cultivation Training – Our Trainers

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Mr. Jaime Carrion Garcia
Position : Head of Cultivation

2008 – 2016 9 times win 1st in CBD Flowers

Relevant Work Experience:

– Founder, breeder and co-owner of Resin Seeds SL. & breeder of Cannatonic – one of the best medical CBD  strains of the world.
– Founder, breeder and co-owner of CBD Crew SL. Stable CBD-enriched cannabis strain researcher center and seed bank.
– Cannabis grower for over 35 years. Experience in all growing mediums and systems, indoor, outdoor and greenhouse.
– Consulting work as CBD crew, signed a contract with the government of Uruguay to create in exclusivity the genetics that now are being sold at pharmacies in the country.
– Consulting work as a master grower for an American corporation in Colombia, and as a breeder to create genetics adapted to the country’s environment.
– Co-owner of a licensed property in California to produce cannabis.
– Jamie will be on site at CRRU to ensure successful delivery of a high CBD and low THC (less than 1%) strain.
– As head of Cultivation, he will ensure staff development and expansion programs.

Course Program:

– Creating and caring for clones.
– Harvesting tools and techniques.
– Managing vegetation with at least a 90% success rate.
– Ensuring the vegetative cycle condition are optimum during vegetative growth prepare your plant for the next, fundamentally important part of the process – the flowering cycle.
– Maximizing quality and yields.
– Describe basic environmental conditions in the flowering cycle, pruning and training, and understanding stretch and spectrum.
– Best practices of photoperiod for each growth stages of the cannabis plant.

Untitled 1 1

Mr. Pattarapol Kasikitvorakul
Position : Cultivation Manager

Relevant Work Experience:

– Supervising 13 growers in performing trim, grow and facility maintenance.
– Managing a large-scale commercial production facility of over 2,000 plants.
– Cataloging and analyzing each individual strain from clone to flower to harvest.
– More than 5 year experience in cannabis growing.

Course Program:

– Performing all tasks in cultivation including cloning, transplanting, feeding plants, defoliation, super cropping, topping, flushing, foliar and preventative sprays, trimming, curing, developing/maintaining grows, warehouse protocols, and nutrient regiments.
– Hand trimming techniques and how each approach has select advantages in certain situations.
– The appropriate amount of watering , over and under, and help watering tools.
– Controlling the humidity and temperature.
– Maintaining sanitary conditions.
– Defines major, minor, and micro nutrient requirements.
– Identify the conditions and methods employed for the curing process , Cannabis Curing and Storages.

Cultivation Training – Training Program

Cultivation training training program 01

What You’ll Learn

– Face-to-face instruction from a professional cannabis cultivator.
– Understanding the parts of the cannabis plant.
– How to manage and optimize the cannabis plant during flowering.
– Best practices for harvesting, drying, and curing.
– Best practices for cloning and transplanting.
– Knowledge to grow successful crops while reducing risk and maximizing profit.


Cultivation training training program 02

Feed Program Design

18 Hours Light

12 Hours Light

Feed program design 01
Feed program design 02
Feed program design 03
Feed program design 04
Feed program design 05
Feed program design 06

Feeding Program

– Build Root Zone
– Develop Branches
– Relieve Stress

Feeding Program

– Create Bud Sites
– Increase Weight
– Increase Essential Oils
– Enhance Terpene and Flavor

Feeding Program

– Reduce Nitrate
– Prepare to Harvest

Farming ERP Design


• Controls across
    entire supply chain
• Supplies purchased,
    cultivated, processed


• Configurable
• Track & trace
• SOPs per site


• Processing
• Packaging
• Distillation
• Product SOPs


Cost Accounting
• Optimize operational
    cost structures and
    business performance
• Site COGs
• Materials,


• Streamlined
    compliance, testing,
    audit & quality
    control reporting
• Track & trace


• Configured API’s
    for interoperable
    data exchange with
    other system & data
    sources processed

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