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Precise Cannabinoid Compound

Golden Triangle Group produces the highest quality precise cannabinoid compounds either as an extract to be sold in bulk or as a base ingredient for use in mass production.

These solutions can be used as a base ingredient in cosmetics, food & beverage, and for medical use.

GTG biomass 03


Golden Triangle Group can provide all non-flower biomass either as bulk, or as ingredients in cosmetics, food & beverage, or medical use.

Let's get to know


Is the strain that we developed and found CBD for more then > 10% 
and can belegally use in Thailand as
a Hemp.


Cannatonic is the best of both worlds,
a phenotype selected from the hybrid
cross between a female MK Ultra (F1) & the all time famous G13 Haze male.
– Indica/Sativa: 50/50
– THC: 1:1 ratio THC:CBD




Is a cross between Cannatonic and
Afghan Skunk is a high-CBD strain
that induces little to no psychoactive effects.

Wholesale Hemp Extracts and Biomass

“Hemp Extract and Biomass for Your Product Business”
CBD Flower Oil

Industrial Extraction with Supercritical

Hemp for Feeding

Stalk and Leaves
Used as Feed Materials

Food Grade Hemp Leaves

Food Grade Leaves from Indoor GMP Hemp Facility

Hemp Stalk (Fiber)

Strongest and Most Durable of
All-Natural Textile Fibers

Dry Hemp Roots

Used in Thai Traditional Medicine, Root balm


Our Products & Services


Wholesale cannabis extracts and biomass

We produce own line cannabis extract and biomass fully compliant with regulations and ensure all cannabis products that will be distributed meets all regulatory requirements and has passed any and all required laboratory testing

Cannabinoid Precise Compound guaranteed in any solvent base customer required

e.g. leaves, limb and root

Topical Terpenes

OG PineForest
OG Pine Forest
Northern night
Northern Night
Pineapple ecstasy
Pineapple Ecstasy
Super Lemonade
Super Lemonade


Provide cannabis turn-key project management services

We have the expertise and practical experience to help you navigate the requirements successfully. It’s end-to-end involvement from genetic strain through to deal flow structure
and export opportunities

Supply strains and a full-range of cultivation equipment

We offer One-Stop Supply Chain and a full-range of cultivation tools including fertilizers/nutrients, grow mediums, grow lights, water, ventilation systems, and other essential cultivation products

        – Grow lights
        – Rolling growing tables

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Our main goal is to help patients to have a better way of life,
and that can be achieved by our beloved plant.

Jaime Carrion Garcia
Cultivation Director